The Stations of the Cross - Dana & Fr. Kevin Scallon, CM

In making the Stations of the Cross we accompany Jesus on His last journey to His crucifixion and death. In this unique and beautiful recording we make a spiritual pilgrimage with Jesus to His death on Calvary and rejoice in His resurrection as Fr Kevin Scallon and Dana lead us in powerful prayer and emotive music and sounds that help the listener to a deeper contemplation on the Passion and Death of our Savior and to the triumph and joy of His resurrection.  The stations follow Jesus on the “Via Dolorosa”; the “way of sorrows” in Jerusalem, which is believed to be the actual path on which Jesus struggled agonisingly  to carry His cross to Golgotha; the place of the “skull” that we know as Mount Calvary. Meditate on the Passion of Christ as you reflect on the fourteen “scenes”, or “stations” from Christ’s final journey to his death, in this deeply moving prayer. A priest stationed in one of the most northern states in the US shared with Dana his love for this prayer. Each Friday as he made his 7 hour round- trip to the most remote church in the diocese, he played this recording of the Stations of the Cross throughout the journey, so that he could meditate on the Passion of Christ.

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The Stations of the Cross - Dana & Fr. Kevin Scallon, CM

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